It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s kids in capes!

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Kids in Capes


2014-04-11-2B004One of our pre-flight rituals is to pack a fun travel kit for the kids; complete with travel friendly activities, snacks, and “flying capes.”  Why do we allow such travel silliness in the airport?

1.  It decreases the stress of travel. Getting up for an early morning flight is more fun when you get to wear a cape.

2. Capes make standing in long lines better (for everyone).  Lets face it, you can’t be in a bad mood when superman and batman are around. Even the most stressed travelers crack a smile when they are in line with a superhero.

4. It helps in the TSA line.  Our kids feel great when they are walking through the airport in their favorite super hero cape and the workers usually respond positively.  They get high fives from the both the airline employees and TSA agents.  The capes provide a distraction for the kids while we send our shoes, liquids, and carry on luggage through the x-ray machines.  Once, a TSA agent opened a new line just for “Batman” – a nice surprise indeed!

5. I can spot them easily in a busy airport.  We can’t always hold a hand through the concourse while juggling luggage – but it’s very easy to spot Superman’s Cape!

6.  Capes double as a travel blanket on a chilly plane.  This is probably the best part of letting the kids wear a cape.  Capes are light weight and easy to fold up into your carry on bag.

Kids in Capes
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16 thoughts on “It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s kids in capes!

  1. Lies

    This is such an amazing idea! Sending this to my sister who is still unsure about travelling with her two sons.