Visit Seattle Like A Local

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Visit Seattle Like A Local

Guest Blog by Seattle transplant Becca from B Travels Better.

Space NeedleWhen people think of Seattle, the first thing that comes to mind is generally either the Space Needle, rain or Grey’s Anatomy. As someone who lives in the city, these things simply don’t represent the real Seattle. I have lived here for 3 years and never once been to the top of the Needle. It doesn’t rain nearly as much as everyone thinks, and our summers are actually spectacular. One of my goals as a travel blogger is help people get to know places from a locals’ perspective. I want you to be able to say that you really experienced Seattle instead of just seeing tourist attractions.

How long would I recommend you spend in the city? It is safe to say that you could see most of Seattle in a four day weekend. Even though the greater Seattle metro area is huge, the city itself is fairly compact and easy to get around. Just don’t plan on walking everywhere because the hills are no joke.

Best View: Kerry Park

Kerry Park SeattleMost people think that paying to go to the top of the Needle will be worth it because you will get amazing views of the city and the sound. Sure the views are okay, from what I have heard, but the Needle isn’t even the tallest building downtown. For the best views of the city, especially at sunset, head to Kerry Park in Queen Anne. You will not be disappointed.

Best Brunch: Americana

Brunch in Seattle is like a religious experience. Really though, Seattle was recently reported to Best Brunch in Seattlebe one of the least religious cities in the country and I think that is because we replaced going to church with going to brunch. It is a simple fact of life that flannel-clad hipsters will line up around the block to pay $40 for eggs on the weekends. The best place to stuff your face with greasy chicken and syrup smothered waffles is Americana on Capitol Hill. Make sure you order the French toast. I dream about it.


Best Activity: Ferry Ride to Bainbridge

Seattle is home to a slew of activities to keep you busy during your stay including Pike’s Place Visit Seattle Like a LocalMarket, The Woodland Park Zoo, the Experience Music Project and the Great Wheel. However, for a truly unique experience, take a ferry to nearby Bainbridge Island. The island is pretty small and there isn’t a ton to see, but the ferry ride is an experience in and of itself. It also provides some pretty awesome views of the city and the surrounding mountains.


Best Brewery: Peddler Brewing Company

What most people don’t know about Seattle is that we have a vibrant craft brewing community here. There are tons of small batch breweries serving up some absolutely amazing beers. My favorite at the moment is Peddler Brewing in Ballard. The IPAs are great and the brewery has a cool outdoor seating area with games to keep you busy while you down one of their 12 beers on tap.

Best Coffee Shop: Lighthouse Roasters

Want to hear a fun fact? Most Seattleites don’t drink Starbucks. Weird, I know. However, since Starbucks transformed coffee into a cultural phenomenon instead of just a drug to keep you awake when the 2:30 feeling hits, small-batch coffee roasters started to pop up everywhere. Since there are so many to choose from, my favorite coffee shop is constantly changing. However, Lighthouse has always been one of my go to hangouts. Plus, they don’t care if I bring my dog in, which makes him a very happy puppy. Step out of your comfort zone and support small local roasters. Starbucks is everywhere.


Seattle Public Market

*Visit Seattle like a Local is part of our Blogger’s Hometown Favorite’s Series.  {edited} All pictures and content provided by guest blogger.

Becca is the creator of B Travels Better.  Originally from Spokane Washington she currently B Travels Betterlives in Seattle. Becca started traveling in college while studying abroad in London, and has  been obsessed with seeing every inch of the world ever since. She’s a huge fan of solo travel and recommends it to everyone! Becca used to be a very shy person, and solo travel helped her break out of her shell. Besides travel, she’s a huge foodie, on a quest to try wine from every wine region in the world. She’d love to have you join her for a glass!


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5 thoughts on “Visit Seattle Like A Local

  1. mark

    Seattle sounds like a great town. Being Australia I identify Seattle with the supersonics basketball team and music. I do love a good brewery though

  2. Natalie M.

    Great post! I love finding new brunch places in Seattle so I’ll have to give Americana a try! I think the ferry to Bainbridge Island is my favorite activity too!

  3. Michele

    This is great advice. We are hoping to go to Vancouver this summer and plan on Seattle as our gateway. I’ve been there and done the more touristy things but I would like to try new things.