Travel Gadgets – BRICA Roll n Go™ Car Seat Transporter

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A few years ago we were struggling with our luggage and car seats at the airport.  It was one of those nightmare vacation moments.  Two kids, three suitcases, a stroller, and two car seats.  We spotted a woman, traveling alone with two kids, seamlessly rolling one child in a car seat in front of her, while pulling another child in a car seat behind her.

WHAT was this contraption and how do we get one?!?!?  Later, when my husband was taking a trip alone with our oldest son, we searched the internet until we found the BRICA ROLL’N GO CAR SEAT TRANSPORTER.

The car seat snaps right on to the frame allowing you to roll your car seat and your child through the airport.  When you arrive at the gate the Roll’n Go folds up and fits in the overhead compartment.  We place the Roll’n Go and car seat in a car seat bag for gate check.

This really is a great gadget that eases airport travel stress preventing the need to carry a heavy car seat through the airport.

BRICA Roll n Go™ Car Seat Transporter

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15 thoughts on “Travel Gadgets – BRICA Roll n Go™ Car Seat Transporter

  1. Kim

    So glad to be past the car seat stage for this very reason, but what a fantastic product for those who require one!

  2. Alishia

    That would be a lifesaver traveling with little kids. I always wondered how the heck to lug around ALL the stuff in a airport.

  3. Yanique

    I’m always a little bummed out when I find out about great products like these because my kids are a bit older now. I remember going on vacation to Disney and my poor husband was saddled like a horse with car seats and luggage. This would have made traveling so much easier!

  4. JcCee Watkins Barney

    My kids are older now but this seems like a must have product for family with children who are still in car seats.

  5. Annabel Cohen

    I’m out of the car seat period! My kids don’t need it anymore and can even carry their own suitcase! 🙂 This is a great idea for parents who travel!

  6. Jane

    Mine are past the car seat stage, but what a wonderful product for those with little ones. Traveling should be enjoyable, looks like this would help out quite a bit.