8 Things to do in Eisenberg Austria

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Daniella from Vienista blog shares tips on What to do in her “boring” hometown of Eisenberg, Austria.  Doesn’t sound so boring to us!


8 Things to do in Eisenberg Austria
Eisenberg, translated into Iron mountain, is one of those towns you always see in old movies. It’s the kind of place where everybody knows everybody. The town has only 400 inhabitants and was not a part of Austria until 1920/1921. Before that time it was considered the German-Hungarian part of Hungary.


Growing up in “Iron mountain” was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me.  I felt like I have a huge family and I always have someone I can go too. When I got older I wanted to see and discover more.  I enjoy showing my friends how beautiful my town is, so I came up with this list of things to do in Eisenberg Austria.


Relax in Eisenberg Austria

How we do Yoga in Eisenberg

Go for a hike

Eisenberg has a small 400 meter hill and the surrounding area is hilly as well. The perfect venue for hikes. It doesn´t matter if short or long, our hiking trails have everything to offer. Hiking maps and tips are easy to get at the local town hall.  Enjoy the view! One of those many hiking trails leads you to the “wine view.” This view includes an observation deck on the top of the hill.


Help harvest the grapesEisenberg Wineries
In the fall many of the local wineries offer tourists a chance to enjoy this experience while sampling some of their recent vintages.


Go to a wine tasting
Many of the wineries sell local wines and offer wine samples before purchasing.


Visit a real castle

Within a 30 min driving radius of Eisenberg. you can find many old castles which are open to the public.

Burg Schlaining Austria

Burg Schlaining
img source burgenland.info

Some of the castles you can see are Burg Bernstein, Burg Schlaining, or Burg Guessing.






Go for a swim
During the summer in Eisenberg, there are public pools and lakes.  For year round swimming, Eisenberg has thermal spring pools that are indoors and open to the public. I like to go their once in a while to have some fun and relax. Some of them are made for pure relaxation and some are built to entertain families. In the summer, head to lake Burg or pool Großpetersdorf, All year round enjoy the thermal spring pools Therme Stegersbach or Therme Bad Tatzmannsdorf.


Enjoy A round of golf
Eisenberg is also famous for big and beautiful golf courses. They are spread throughout the county and well maintained.


Take a canoe tour
A couple years ago someone discovered that our river is perfect for canoe tours. I have not yet done this, but it is on my bucket list.


Visit a chocolate factory
Around Eisenberg there are 2 chocolatiers, Speigel and Zotter.  One is more of a family business that makes high quality pralines, and the other one is much bigger and produces a larger selection of confections. They are both very good and I love to visit them often.


Zotter Chocolate Austria

Image via Zotter Chocolate


Throughout the year the town offers some special events, like a vintage tractor meetup, and Special Children’s Olympic games, where every child is treated equally and will get a trophy at the end.


I hope have convinced you that every town has something to offer, no matter how small it is.


Daniella is from Austria and writes the blog Vienista.  When she is not blogging or traveling the world she is busy enjoying the outside, working out, and spending time with family and friends.


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4 thoughts on “8 Things to do in Eisenberg Austria

  1. samiya selim

    We loved our time in Austria, although we were in Innsbruck. Did some of the things here – saw castles, went hiking, would love to go back again!

  2. melody pittman

    I’m currently doing wine tastings in Carmel right now and think that would be my choice in Austria as well. I am not sure what part I’ll be seeing but I am scheduled to do a Viking River cruise there in a few moths that will at least get me to Austria. Lovely photos. I cannot wait!