St. Croix – A Diver’s Paradise

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St. Croix is a fantastic divers destination. There is so much sea life to enjoy around the island. We purchased a tropical fish identification guide for our kids, and between diving and snorkeling we have seen almost every fish in the book! During the first week of our vacation, Dave was unable to dive due to an ear infection that resulted in a trip to the local Urgicare. He was given the green light by the Doctor and has enjoyed dives in Frederiksted and Davis Bay.

A few highlights of his recent dives include sea turtles, sharks, squid, sea horses, and tons of amazing brightly colored fish. I love to watch and share the videos with the kids. They enjoy picking out fish in the videos and then identifying them in our fish guide. My personal favorite video clip is when they enter “The Aquarium” dive site in Frederiksted surrounded by hundreds of fish. It truly looks like they are swimming in a huge aquarium of tropical fish.

 St. Croix Diving Video Highlights:

 If you are having trouble viewing the video you can watch it here: St. Croix Dive – July 2015


Highlights of Dave’s Dives in Frederiksted, Salt River Bay, and Cane Bay from our last trip in January 2015:

If you are having trouble viewing the video you can watch it here: St. Croix Dive – January 2015

We are enjoying St. Croix for a few more weeks and will be posting more diving and snorkeling videos. Please follow our YouTube Channel for updates!


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20 thoughts on “St. Croix – A Diver’s Paradise

  1. Elizabeth

    This looks amazing. We love snorkling but have not attempted diving yet. Maybe when the boys are a bit older! My one year old is obsessed with fish and is loving these videos! Thanks for posting and enjoy your trip!

    1. Allison Post author

      All vacations count!! It doesn’t matter where you are – as long as you enjoy it and take time to relax! Camping trips are amazing too! Have a great vacation.

  2. LydiaF

    We did several resort dives before my children were born, but haven’t been in a very long time. Enjoyed the videos, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. karyl henry

    This is so awesome! I went snorkeling in Maui and it was amazing. Not so sure about the diving part, even though it looks so amazingly peaceful. But maybe I’ll add it to the bucket list.

  4. Leslie

    Diving would scare me, but how beautiful and so much to see! It’s neat that your husband can share his passion with the kids through the videos and that they can learn while on vacation!

  5. Kaitie

    I have never been diving but my goodness those videos, the clear water, and all of the underwater life! It’s absolutely stunning and definitely on my bucket list!!

  6. Kim @ This Ole Mom

    You know I am a huge fan of your blog. I love seeing your family’s adventures and all the gorgeous pictures. The sea turtles are gorgeous. I wish I knew how to swim!!! Thank you for sharing !!!

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  8. sara

    So awesome!! I swam with a sea turtle once and was speechless! I can’t imagine seeing multiple sea turtles AND other marine life! I would LOVE to see an octopus!!