A Season by Season Guide to Minneapolis, MN

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Last week we heard from a local Minnesota Blogger on the 10 Best Things to do in The Twin Cities; and this week Guest Blogger Emily from emdashed.com gives us reasons we should visit Minneapolis all year in her Season by Season Guide to Minneapolis, MN.


Season by Season Guide to Minneapolis, MN

Season by Season Guide to MN

Minneapolis, Minnesota is a small metropolis in the Upper Midwest, a region of the United States often overlooked by foreigners and Americans alike.

Many tourists have never even heard of this city; those who have are often scared off by its reputation for harsh and extreme weather. There’s a common joke that says Minneapolis has two seasons: winter and road construction.

In reality, it has all four seasons, and each one has something unique and fun to offer. Here’s a season-by-season guide to Minneapolis, MN — no matter the weather.



Season by Season Guide to MinneapolisSpring can be a tricky one to nail down in Minneapolis. It might be warm and beautiful, or there may be snow on the ground through Easter.Minnihaha Falls MN





But when the season does arrive, it’s a sight to behold: rain pours down, and the city’s many green spaces become lush and vibrant once more.

When the rain stops, head out to Minnehaha Falls to see the waterfalls cascading and the creek waters gushing. Or take your pick of the city’s parks and enjoy a picnic sans mosquitoes—something you certainly can’t do in July.



Minneapolis State FairSummer in Minneapolis usually comes in the form of heatwaves broken up by cooler periods, accompanied by sky-high humidity.

Luckily, the city has 19 lakes within its limits—the perfect place to cool off when the air turns hot, heavy, and languid.

Free music performances and outdoor movie screenings take place throughout various parks in the evenings. And at the end of August, the Minnesota State Fair opens up and asks the timeless question: just how many different foods can be served on a stick?



Come autumn, the air turns chilly, but the leaves turn brilliant. It’s a great time to head down toMinneapolis in the Fall the Mississippi River—the longest in North America—and see the trees decked out in glorious shades of orange, red, and gold. Take a walk, go for a drive, or rent a bicycle and explore via one of the area’s many cycling paths.

This season is ideal for those who wish to avoid summer crowds and high season, without sacrificing the good weather entirely. If you’re lucky, sunny mild days will last well into October. (Of course, there might also be a blizzard on Halloween—but it’s all part of the adventure, right?)  *Fall Photo credit – Unsplash (dot) com.



Minneapolis Winter AttractionsThere’s no sugarcoating it: winters in Minnesota are rough. Average temperatures in January are around 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 Celsius), and large snowfalls are typical.

That said, Minneapolis offers a variety of indoor activities to keep you busy (and perfectly warm) during these icy days. Take in a show at one of the city’s highly-acclaimed theaters, such as the Guthrie—an award-winning venue whose annual run of “A Christmas Carol” is an iconic part of the holiday season for many Minnesotans. Or pop into a museum, like the Walker Art Center, the Science Museum of Minnesota, or the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Looking for a bit a thrill? Take the light rail to the Mall of America and ride the rollercoasters at Nickelodeon Universe, the mall’s indoor amusement park. Or hey: grab a sled, embrace the cold, and go find a snowy hill to fly down. (Just make sure you bundle up first!)

If you’ve previously disregarded Minneapolis because of its climate, I hope I’ve convinced you to think again. There’s nothing to fear from any of our seasons—except maybe a bit of frostbite. (Seriously: bundle up.)


Emily is an American blogger who has lived overseas for the past six years. Born and raised in Minneapolis, she spent four years backpacking in New Zealand and Australia before moving to the Netherlands in 2014. Now, she lives in a small Dutch town in the countryside and shares stories of her life as a foreigner on her blog, emdashed.com.

*All Content and pictures for A Season by Season Guide to Minneapolis were provided by guest blogger unless noted otherwise.


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5 thoughts on “A Season by Season Guide to Minneapolis, MN

  1. Leslie Sholly

    We visited the Twin Cities this summer to see friends. We walked around one lake and swam in another, went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and enjoyed some authentic Ethiopian food, among other things. It’s a great area.

  2. Natasha

    I was lucky enough to visit Minneapolis last year for a conference and can attest to how lush and gorgeous it is during late spring/early summer! It is such a gorgeous city and I hope to return soon and continue to explore.