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Over the past week I have had the opportunity to try out a new social polling network I found Peepoc easy to set up, post polls, and interact with other users. I signed up for new user account, joined communities revolving around my interests, posted and shared my first poll, and gained new followers in less than 10 minutes.  After a few days of connecting with Peepoc users, answering and posting polls, I created my first blog post with an imbedded poll.

What is Peepoc?

According to their Website: “Peepoc is a Social Polling Network.”    It is an online community where People post polls and communicate with each other by answering and commenting on each others polls. Most anything goes and you will find Polls on any topic from food to current events and politics.

How does Peepoc help bloggers?

From my experience I found Peepoc to be a useful tool to connect with even more potential readers within the Peepoc community. Peepoc polls can also be shared on various social media outlets as an additional way to interact with your fan base. It is easy to embed a poll into a blog post AND link your blog post to your poll posted on Peepoc. The only drawback I found was that you need to post your blog entry to your site before creating the poll (to include post link), and then go back and embed the poll into your blog post and update your blog.  The reason for this is because Peepoc does not allow you to edit a poll once it has been created. A user cannot go back and add a blog link to the poll at a later time. Peepoc explains, “We can’t allow editing of polls because posters would be able to completely rewrite the poll without the permission of the voters.” This makes sense as people would not want to vote on a poll only to have the meaning change after they have voted.  I contacted Peepoc regarding my questions on blog post links and posting polls and the response was immediate and thorough. They offer excellent customer support.

Overall I like using Peepoc . As they grow, I feel this will be a valuable network of new fans and followers for bloggers. I found several new blogs on the site by joining some of the communities and interacting with other pollsters that I may not have found otherwise. In addition to the ability to link a blog post to your polls, you can also attach pictures to each answer making the poll stand out when you share on social media sites such as Facebook.


Do you use polls in your blog as a way to interact with readers?

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Peepoc Pros

  • Easy to set up and create polls
  • Sharing capabilities on social media
  • Ability to link a blog post to your poll.
  • Easy cut & paste option to embed a poll within a blog post.
  • Ability to attach pictures to your poll answers.

Peepoc Cons

  • To keep users from changing a poll after voting has occurred Peepoc does not allow editing after a poll has been posted – make sure to proof read prior to posting.

If you decide to Join Peepoc make sure to follow us – our user name is Fun Family Vacations!


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17 thoughts on “Peepoc For Bloggers

  1. Michele

    I have used polls in my professional world ( Survey Monkey) but I haven’t used them with my blog. Something to think about…

    1. Allison Post author

      I will have to find and follow you on there! You can find us at Fun Family Vacations. Thanks!

  2. Marissa

    I never thought about this. I’ll have to look to see if I know anyone using it. It currently has me following a bunch of polls about British politics/life for some reason, although I’m American.

    1. Allison Post author

      I think you can find me if you search “Fun Family Vacations” on Peepoc. I joined several communities with my interests (including a couple of travel communities) so I have found a lot of polls that match my interests. Send me your user name. I would love to link up!