Hands Free Travel Options for EpiPens

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For someone who has life-threatening allergies, carrying an EpiPen at all times is a necessity. There are instances when taking a bag with you may not be convenient.   Theme parks, for example, are better enjoyed “hands free” without a purse, back pack, or hand bag.  For safety reasons most rides will not allow you to carry a bag on the ride. Bags must be checked or placed in a locker defeating the purpose of having an EpiPen on you at all times. When our family visited Universal Studios we planned well in advance on how we would carry our son’s EpiPen. Luckily we found several great options for traveling with an EpiPen:

WaistPal Epipen Carrier – This is an excellent EpiPen carrier, especially for kids and teens. It is made of soft neoprene material and fits around the waste. Bonus – it carries TWO EpiPens on the front and back of the belt.


Insulated Red Ana Tote Twin – This insulated tote is water resistant and carries two EpiPens. It also features a clip allowing you to attach the tote to your clothing.


Leg Buddy Epipen leg Pouch – Made of soft neoprene material that contours to your body for all day comfort. This pouch is easily concealed under long pants. Holds two EpiPens.


Cargo Shorts – We found several brands of men’s cargo shorts with side pockets big enough to fit an EpiPen in each pocket. Make sure the pockets zip, button, or Velcro closed so the EpiPen does not easily fall out when riding thrill rides. The side pockets in most Women’s Cargo shorts are not large enough to carry an EpiPen. However, depending on the brand of epi-pen you use, you may be able to find pockets large enough to carry your device. *EpiPens do not fare well in excessive heat. It is advised to use an insulated container during summer months.


Our son also wears a bracelet and a button alerting people of his allergies on when we visit museums, theme parks, school field trips and most any place he might accidentally encounter food products that contain his specific allergens.




Traveling with allergies can be safe and easy. Make sure to plan ahead, contact your destination for suitable food options and most importantly, relax, have a good time and always carry your EpiPen!


EpiPen at Theme Parks

Here we are – Bag Free with EpiPen at Universal Studios!


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8 thoughts on “Hands Free Travel Options for EpiPens

  1. Kim Hilbert

    Luckily, my household doesn’t have bad reactions. But I do have a friend that has to keep an epipen on her at all times. These are great items to use for carrying them. Thanks for the review.

    1. Allison Post author

      Thanks Kim. These hands free carry options make our visits to places like Theme Parks or events with strict bag policies much easier! Feel free to forward to your friend.

  2. Heather Serra

    I didn’t realize there were so many options for storing an EpiPen! How cool…I have a coworker with an extreme allergic reaction to bees. I’ll have to suggest these to him.

    1. Allison Post author

      It is so nice to be able to go places without carrying a bag. Especially theme parks! Many of the pouches are good for wearing while jogging or exercising as well. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Emma

    It’s fortunate that there’s so many ways to carry an Epipen to have ready for emergency. It’s a great idea to have your son wear a bracelet and button so people who don’t know him are always aware!