First Few Days in St. Croix – A Rough Start

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DAY 1 – Getting There:

Travel day! We woke the kids at 3:30 am to arrive at the airport by 5am. Most of the evening prior was spent packing. Due to various medical equipment, diving/snorkel gear, and other essentials we ended up with 4 checked suitcases, 5 carry on bags, and a beach tent that is light, yet too long to fit in our luggage. We also made room for a few bottles of wine for Mom & Dad to enjoy..

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Pretty Happy for 5 AM!

The flight to St. Croix was around 5 hours total with a quick layover in Atlanta. What a long day! We arrived at the condo around 5 pm after retrieving our luggage, the rental car, and stopping by the grocery store for dinner. Day one was all about getting to St. Croix. Both flights were smooth and everything went off without a hitch. I am happy with how well the kids traveled on so little sleep.

Tips on Getting to St. Croix: Delta offers seasonal non-stop flights from Atlanta on Saturday only.  Throughout the week Delta offers service through San Juan, in conjunction with Seaborne Airlines.  American Airlines offers non-stop service from Miami several days per week as well as service through San Juan in conjunction with Seaborne Airlines.   Alternately, if you fly to San Juan via any airline, Seaborne and Cape Air offer several hopper flights almost daily to St. Croix.



DAY 2 – Getting our bearings, exploring St. Croix.

Our first full day in St. Croix USVI started out a little rough. Dave woke up with severe ear pain and the weather was cloudy and rainy. We contacted our local car rental company, Judi of Croix, and Dennis was a wealth of knowledge regarding all things local, including options for medical care if necessary. We also learned that the fisherman we purchased fish from on our last trip to St. Croix was no longer fishing commercially. Dennis was able to connect us to a few other local fisherman to purchase fresh fish and lobster from this month. I cannot say enough about the great service we have received from Judi of Croix car rentals both times we have rented from them.

We spent the day driving around getting our bearings and activity ideas for the week. Throughout the day we stopped at a few stores and talked to locals to get ideas on great restaurants, shopping, and sights. The best way to travel is to eat and enjoy the Island like a local.

Late in the afternoon there was a break in the weather and we were able to explore the pool, grounds, and beach area at our condo. There has been a drought in St. Croix for several months so the Island is more brown than usual. We are used to seeing lush plants and greenery. Water is also expensive so a few of the local farms have taken a hit to their crops. We generally purchase from local farms whenever possible, but the produce yield is down considerably this year due to the drought.


DAY 3 – A trip to the Urgicare in St. Croix

We began our third day with a visit to the local Urgicare. Dave’s ear pain got worse over night and in order to dive during this vacation he needed to have it checked. The St. Croix Urgicare clinic, located near the Hospital, is a walk-in clinic run by the Acute Alternative Medical Group. Dave was seen by a local physician, Dr. Campbell, who was super nice and provided excellent care. The staff was outstanding and offered additional advice on the best places to snorkel and dive on St. Croix. We were in and out in less than an hour. They sent his prescriptions directly to the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy which were ready for pick up within a few minutes. Because St. Croix is a US territory, our primary insurance covered the visit as a regular medical visit. In addition, we have purchased Travel Medical insurance that will likely pick up our copay for the visit and Medications. Best of all, Dave should be ready to dive in 2-3 days! If you find yourself in need of medical care while visiting St. Croix, I highly recommend the Acute Alternative Medical Group.


Urgicare Clinic in St. Croix USVI

After getting our Medical needs taken care of, we stopped for lunch at Victor Mencho’s.  Recommended by Dennis from Judi of Croix, who says this sandwich shop offers “the best Cubano on St. Croix.”  Victor Menchos is small, filled with locals, and open for breakfast and lunch only. The owners are nice and gave me contact information for their brother, an independent licensed tour guide, offering guided hikes on the Island. Oh, and the sandwich was excelente!


We spent the rest of the afternoon Swimming and Snorkeling at Rainbow Beach in Fredricksted. This is a nice calm, sandy beach next to a beach bar and restaurant. We also met Bobby, a local fisherman, who will contact us when he has fresh fish and lobster available. We are finally beginning to feel like we are on Vacation!


Rainbow Beach St. Croix

Finally in the Water!


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14 thoughts on “First Few Days in St. Croix – A Rough Start

  1. Kim Hilbert

    What a shame that you had to go to the clinic, but nice to know it was there for you. Some health insurances cover out of country, mine does. It is nice to know before you go somewhere.

    Perhaps you could have a post in December reminding your readers to pay close attention and ask questions about their health coverage on vacation. It’s surprising what some plans cover but in Dec you don’t think to ask vacation questions. 🙂

    1. Allison Post author

      Thanks Kim. Great idea. We always purchase extra travel medical, but have never had to use it. I might write a post about the process after we submit our claims at the end of vacation. Happy to learn our standard insurance does work here in the USVI.

  2. Leslie

    It’s so fun to hear about your adventures! I’m glad you were able to find good medical care. It must have been a little scary to have to deal with an illness while abroad.

  3. Adrienne

    Hate that you had to go to Urgent Care during your vacation, but I’m happy everything worked out. It’s so wonderful that you and your family get to experience so many new locations together.

  4. karyl henry

    Thanks for the great post! Glad to hear Dave is getting better. That stinks about the weather so far, but hopefully the rest of your trip will be smooth sailing. I totally agree with you, the best way to eat on vacay is like a local. I never understand tourists who insist on going to the chain restaurants when there are amazing local options just a few steps away

  5. Carrie

    Awesome that your insurance is accepted! We traveled to Dominican and needed to see a doctor, but I made my husband “suck it up until we got back home”.

    I hope the diving goes well!

  6. JcCee Watkins Barney

    Y’all are making some awesome memories with your family vacations! It is good that Dave was able to get medical help. I am with Karyl and I hope the rest of y’all vacation run smoothly.

  7. alishia

    vacations never seem to happen with the family without a few hiccups here and there. ha! They always make for great stories later though. 🙂

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