Easy travel with Baby Bottles

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Some quick tips that might make your vacation and travel days a little more convenient when using baby bottles:  (Works great for long road trips too!)


Use bottle inserts.  You can easily throw them away and insert a new one for the next use.  This is particularly handy at times when you do not have a proper washing area.  We are always leery of rinsing or washing bottles in a public restroom.

Travel with 2-3 clean and sanitized bottle nipples.  Pop a new bottle insert in and use a new bottle nipple until you get to your destination and can properly sanitize.

Pack travel pacifier wipes.  These can double as a bottle/nipple sanitizer in a pinch.  There are several organic brands and non-chemical pacifier wipes on the market.  Make sure to pack pacifier wipes in your carry on luggage.

Use the hotel coffee maker to clean bottles. While traveling in Mexico we found ourselves without access to an easy way to sterilize our baby bottles.  We  were able to run water through our coffee maker and sterilize the bottles using the hot water from the coffee pot. *Do not leave rubber nipples/bottles on or near a coffee pot burner.

Sippy Cups:

A nice “spill proof” sippy cup is handy if you plan on utilizing the juice from the airline.  Most flight attendants will pour the juice into the cup for you during drink service.  You can also rinse it with bottled water and use pacifier wipes to clean in a pinch.

We once had a 9 hour travel day with a long layover.  I was thankful to have an alternate cleaning method for our bottle nipples.  We had packed bottle inserts and 3 clean “ready to go nipples” but a delay created a need to rinse and sanitize for additional use.   Using pacifier wipes and rinsing with bottled water worked great in a pinch!!

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