Discover Boating Making Family Memories

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DISCOVER BOATING Making Family Memories

When I was 18 my friends introduced me to boating and taught me how to water ski.  Ever since that summer, I’ve been a “boat person.”   A few years later I got my first big tax return and promptly bought a little 17 foot ski boat.  That was probably one of the most memorable summers of our young lives.

We took that boat to our local marina as often as we could.  I remember driving our boat to work so we could rush out at the end of the day to enjoy a few hours on the river.   We’d take our boat a few miles upriver and enjoy dinner at the dock bar & grill.  We even had a couple of “boat dogs”; our boxers who loved to join us and had their own life jackets!

Lately we have been reminiscing about those times, wondering why we don’t have family boat?  Through one of our blog affiliates I was introduced to Discover Boating, a website that provides resources for new and experienced boaters alike.   I spent a few hours browsing the site becoming inspired to get out on the water.  I love that they have so much information about boating and the boating lifestyle in one place.  If you want to try boating before making the plunge to boat ownership, they have a “get on the water” tool that includes a marina finder that will locate marinas that offer boat rentals near you.  I entered my zip code and located five marinas with boat rentals near my house.  Pretty cool.

Find a Local Marina Near You


Recently our friends took the plunge and purchased a pontoon boat.  They looked at several different styles and decided a pontoon boat was right for their family.  They can enjoy the water under a shaded canopy and take everything they need for a day, weekend, or week outing with their family.  It’s a built in vacation for them. Now that we are thinking about a boat, a pontoon might be the right style for our family.  Another noteworthy feature on Discover Boating is the Boat Selector Tool that offers side by side comparison of various boat models to help you find the best boat for your needs.

Best Family Boats

It’s always good to have a friend with a boat. It’s even better to BE the friend with the boat.


As our kids get older we have been thinking about exploring youth boating programs and camps.  I am super excited to find a local youth sailing program through the Discover Boating Youth Program Finder.  I have also found a few youth and family summer water sports and boating camps through this site.  Good to know for future summer fun!

Boating is a lifestyle.  There is nothing that compares to the freedom that I feel when I am on the water.  Whether we are enjoying our local rivers and lakes or taking our kids on their first deep sea fishing excursion, exploring the Discover Boating site has made me realize a boat has been a part of many of our best family memories.  It’s time to make more.

Discover Boating Making Family Memories



Discover Boating On YouTube

Our sponsor, Discover Boating is a National public awareness effort managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) on behalf of the North American recreational boating industry.

Fun Facts from a 2015 Discover Boating Survey Conducted by Wakefield Research:

  • 82% of Americans say being around water is relaxing.
  • 72% of Americans feel healthier after spending time on the water.
  • Top 5 boating activities Americans want to do this summer: Relax on a boat with friends, take a sunset cruise, go fishing, watch fireworks from a boat, and go waterskiing, wakeboarding or wakesurfing.
  • 84% of parents think their kids would be more likely to unplug on a boat trip versus a road trip.
  • 88% of American parents feel that their kids need to get more involved in outdoor activities this summer, like boating.
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3 thoughts on “Discover Boating Making Family Memories

  1. Stephanie

    Sailing is my favorite type of boat. I usually only go once a summer though. Just did a lovely catamaran tour in Barbados though.

  2. Elizabeth Eugea

    I love being on and in the water. My granddaughter would be interested in the youth programs. Thank you for the info!