Curacao Travel – Getting There

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Landing in Curacao


Day 1 Travel Day – Curacao Travel

 We left our house at 3am for a long day of travel. Although we only got about 4 hours of sleep we were running on adrenaline from the excitement of our first trip to Curacao.

Family Travel Day

Our 3am Travel Look!



Coming from the Midwest most flights to the Caribbean include a layover. We had a very nice flight to Miami with a quick layover, and then on to Curacao. The flight to Curacao from Miami is a little over 2 hours.

Of the several airlines flying to Curacao from the USA, American Airlines seems to offer the most flights via Miami. Jet Blue offers direct flights from New York, and InselAir offers flights from both Charlotte NC, and Miami FL.



Getting through Curacao Immigration and Customs was smooth and all the agents were helpful. The airport is a little larger than the other Caribbean airports we have flown to previously. Tip: Car Rental is suggested for easy exploring of Curacao. All of the major car rental agencies have kiosks at the airport. However, we like to utilize local businesses whenever possible so we rented our car through D & D rentals. The owner picked us up at the car rental shuttle area just outside of the airport, took us to their lot where they had a car ready for us. Renting through them is easily set up through email. We were provided with a booster seat for our youngest son free of charge and the owner gave us a “throw away” phone with $5 worth of minutes for emergencies. We refused the $5 a day GPS rental and quickly realized we should have taken it as the streets signs are not always visible and driving can be confusing for first timers.

Car Rental Tips: Be careful when pumping gas, both the diesel and regular gas nozzles will fit the gas tank. Diesel is colored black and regular is YELLOW. Double check to prevent filling your car with the wrong gas. Get the GPS. As with all tourist destinations, do not leave anything visible in your car when you leave the car.

Another thing we noticed immediately when exiting the terminal; the sun is beautiful but it is really intense in Curacao. Make sure to pack sunscreen.


After a little navigation snafu we found ourselves at The Limestone Holiday Resort and met the

Table Mountain Curacao

Our View of Table Mountain

owners Roel and Sylvia in person. It was nice to finally put a face behind the calls and emails. We are in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment that over looks Spanish Water Bay and Table Mountain, a large limestone mountain that is the namesake for their rentals.   The small, well kept beach on the grounds is made of limestone from this mountain. Although the bedrooms have air-conditioning for sleeping we noticed there is a constant breeze off the bay keeping the main kitchen and living area cool. Their apartments are set up very similar to a VRBO style rental. There is a small, full kitchen with all the cooking utensils needed to make your own meals.

The Moon over Spanish Bay Curacao

Moonlight over Spanish Bay

TIP: Most grocery stores on the east side of the Island close early. When arriving late, stop and pick up a few essentials (bottle water, milk etc.) on your way to your destination.







Brakkeput Mei Mei

Enjoying a glass of wine & harpist at Brakkeput Mei Mei

We were tired and hungry after a long travel day and Sylvia recommended the local restaurant Brakkeput Mei Mei, a Latin steak house. It was a wonderful end to our day. This is a family friendly restaurant with a nice menu, daily specials, and an 18 hole mini put put course and playground for kids outside.   We happened upon their “live music” night which was a solo harpist. I’ve never heard a harp with a Caribbean flare. It was wonderfully relaxing.




Summary of our Travel Day from our 8 year old’s Travel Diary:

Best Curacao Family Vacation










As I sit here writing this blog post, watching the sun rise over Table Mountain here at the Limestone Holiday, I realize I don’t have a care in the world. It is so peaceful here. Time to finish the coffee and see what today brings.

Sunrise over Spanish Bay Curacao

Sunrise over Spanish Water Bay


Plan your Curacao Vacation:


Check Limestone Holiday Availability


Allianz Travel Insurance

Disclaimer: This trip is partially sponsored by The Limestone Holiday.  All opinions and reviews contained are our own.  Post contains affiliate links.


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11 thoughts on “Curacao Travel – Getting There

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  2. mark wyld

    A restaurant with mini golf what a ripper idea. Sounds like an idea paradise to visit. I would be expecting to see Tom Cruise pouring me some cocktails. lol

    1. Allison Post author

      It was interesting indeed! The Mini Golf is located far enough away from the main restaurant that it is unobtrusive when enjoying a nice dinner. I saw several parents let their older children play mini golf while they enjoyed a nice dinner together.

  3. Janna C

    I didn’t know the flight to Curacao from Miami is only 2 hrs. Nice! Thanks for the tips. Maybe in the future I might see myself visiting there too.

    1. Allison Post author

      Our flight was about 2 hours and 20 minutes. However we did arrive about 20 minutes earlier than expected.

  4. Lesley

    I love Curacao. I traveled there a couple years ago with my daughter. We were living in North Carolina at the time and there were direct flights. It was awesome! We too ate at Brakkeput Mei Mei. The staff were friendly and the food was delicious.

  5. Carol Colborn

    We have to start our Caribbean cruise soon. Getting to Curacao is not that difficult! And then will you island=hop?

    1. Allison Post author

      We are not island hopping on this trip. However, it appears to be very easy to catch a flight between Curacao and Bonaire or Aruba. I believe the flights are fairly inexpensive.

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