Crocs with Socks! Breaking Fashion Laws When Traveling

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Crocs with SocksMost airports still require the adults to take off their shoes when passing through security.  A few airports also require children to remove their shoes.

That’s why our family wears Crocs with Socks when traveling.  Yes, it is a HUGE fashion faux pas…..

BUT…. have you ever had to tie your shoes while chasing a rambunctious tot?  Having a quick slip on pair of shoes is a life saver when exiting security and gathering your belongings.

PLUS – they are comfortable and can dual as water/beach shoes.

Are YOU willing to break fashion laws for comfort when traveling?  Do you care what other travelers think?  We LOVE our travel Crocs!


Post your favorite travel shoes below!

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2 thoughts on “Crocs with Socks! Breaking Fashion Laws When Traveling

  1. Kim

    Lol! Well yes, crocs with socks is definitely a fashion faux pas….but seriously, what a great idea! Taking on and off the shoes at airports suck (especially with young children). I may just have to break a few fashion rules next time too 😉