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Family Friendly Wilmington

Family Friendly Things to do in Wilmington Delaware

Family Friendly Wilmington






*Make sure to download the Free PDF Printable with a complete list of Family Friendly Wilmington Attractions at the bottom of this post*

Under threat of Hurricane Joaquin, My youngest son and I boarded a plane to Philadelphia in route to a family gathering near Wilmington Delaware. We scheduled a few extra days to explore Wilmington and the surrounding areas, but we had no idea if our weekend would be cut short by Hurricane Joaquin.

At the time of departure Joaquin’s Hurricane track looked a little like this:

Funny Hurricane Meme

Image Source:










Joking aside, I was a little nervous (enough to contact the hotel and make sure they had a hurricane plan), but most everyone I spoke with from the coastal area seemed to shrug it off, “Meh.. they never really know.”  The Hurricane did move away from land, our family event went as planned, and although it was raining pretty hard we had a chance to do a little exploring of Wilmington.

Wilmington Delaware is an amazing place to visit for a fall weekend. I was pretty bummed we were there during a torrential downpour, because just driving through the country side would have been picturesque with the fall leaves turning.  I contacted the Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitors Bureau prior to arriving and they provided me with a nice list of Family Friendly activities in and around the area. I was surprised at how many kid-friendly activities are available in Wilmington.  *FREE Printable of Things to do in Wilmington Delaware at the bottom of this post!**


A few of the places we visited:

The Delaware Museum of Natural History:

Deleware Museum of Natural HistoryWe had originally planned to visit The Winterthur Musuem, Garden, & Library a 175 room mansion that a 60 acre garden that includes “Enchanted Woods,” three acres believed to have been fashioned by fairies.  However, the weather had other plans and we visited The Delaware Museum of Natural History. Located directly across from Winterthur, the Museum is home to a nice collection of Dinosaur fossils, bones, birds, eggs, and shells. We had a lot of fun viewing the exhibits. The most popular being the Nature Nook, a free kids area with a few hands on activities and crafts. The museum also has a small theater and during our visit they were showing a free movie on the Planet Earth. We learned about Dude the Cat, the museum’s resident cat, who has become quite popular as a Mascot for the Museum. Dude was found as a kitten in the dumpster and after no one claimed him, Dude became a fixture mostly hanging out in the employee areas of the Museum. In fact, the gift store offers a few cute children’s books for purchase following the adventures of Dude the Cat at the museum.


The Delaware Children’s Museum


Several of the area attractions are closed on Sundays and we found ourselves at the Delaware Children’s Museum. This was a nice indoor option on a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon. The Museum offers several large educational play areas throughout the building. They had a few interactive booths set up for kids to explore and learn. On the day we visited they were learning about germs and hand washing. Our favorite activity was the “speedway,” an exhibit area set up like a small race track where kids are able to ride roller racers® around the track.

Childrens Museum interactive exhibits Deleware Childrens Museum Fun at the Wilmington Children's Museum






TIP: Most of the family attractions can be enjoyed in a 1/2 day so if you want to visit more than one place check out the Deals & Discounts page on Visit Wilmington DE. During the spring/summer season they offer a Brandy Wine Treasure Trail Passport that gets you into 11 attractions around Wilmington.


In spite of the weather we had a great time in Wilmington. The family event went off without a hitch, and we were able to visit a few fun kid places throughout the weekend. We look forward to visiting The Brandywine Zoo, The Wilmington & Western Railroad, and the Marshall Steam Museum on a future visit!  Download the FREE PDF at the bottom for list of 12 family friendly attractions in Wilmington Delaware.


Best looking date

I had the Best looking date at the party!

Kids bow tie

Ready for our big evening out!








We had to make one last stop in Philly on our way to the airport. (I think it is a requirement to eat a Philly cheese steak sandwich if one is even close to Philadelphia.) We stopped by the famous “Pats King of Steaks” and enjoyed a Philly cheese steak sandwich “wit whiz.”

Pat's King of Steaks Philly Pats King of Steaks Philly Cheese Steak







FREE DOWNLOAD FREE Download of Family Friendly Things to do in Wilmington Delaware: *Thanks to the Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitors Bureau for providing this information*

Download (PDF, 1.27MB)


Plan your trip to Wilmington Delaware! (Flights via Philiadelphia – PHL)


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*Disclosure: We were provided with passes to the Delaware Museum of Natural History from Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitors Bureau. All opinions and reviews expressed within are that of FunFamily.Vacations.

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Best Travel Prep List


Long term vacation preparation check list

Preparing for a Long Term Vacation – FREE Printable Checklist

Long term vacation preparation check list

Image Courtesy of DigitalArt

How to Prepare for a Long Term Vacation

After the excitement of planning our first long term vacation wore off, the realization that we would need to perform “double” of our “adult duties” prior to leaving set in. We have never been gone for more than 14 days. Prior vacation planning consisted of paying a few extra bills, and worrying about any other issues when we got back. After doing a little internet research, and contacting our insurance company and utilities, we learned a few important tips when planning to leave on an extended vacation.  

  • If you are going to be gone longer than 30 days many auto insurance companies will allow you to put your car in “storage.”  If your car will remain parked in your garage, or possibly in a covered parking garage, the company will note this and decrease your monthly bill accordingly. We saved almost $200 off our car insurance by notifying the insurance company of non-use during the time we will be gone.
  • On the flip side, some home insurance carriers will decrease your theft/damage coverage if no one will be “living” in your house for longer than 30 days. Make sure to check your property insurance coverage and make appropriate arrangements for a friend or professional house sitter to watch your home if necessary for insurance purposes.
  • Call your credit card company and inform them of your travel plans to ensure your card will not be blocked for “unusual activity.” This is also a good time to verify car rental or travel insurance that may be included with your card. Some credit cards will not insure car rentals longer than 15 days.  Renting a new car after 15 days (signing a new contract), or switching to a different credit card that includes insurance after 15 days is a possible way around this issue. Verify all options with your Credit Card company.
  • Contact your health insurance carrier and verify coverage at your destination(s). Some health insurance plans provide lower coverage world wide and some have no coverage outside of their home area. It is important to know your coverage ahead of time and purchase supplemental travel insurance if necessary. Especially if you are traveling with children.  Many travel medical insurance plans include trip insurance and will insure children for no additional cost (with the purchase of an adult plan). Check your plan details for pre-existing condition coverage waivers and ensure your planned travel activities are covered. 

  200 x 200: Family - Your Laughter

The United States Postal Service will hold mail for up to 30 days and deliver it to your house on a specified date. If longer than 30 days, they will bundle and ship mail to a pre-arranged location on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Preparing for a long term vacation is a little more stressful than we had imagined. But hopefully, our research and hard work will pay off to ensure a care free travel experience!

Long Term Travel Preparation

Don’t let this be YOU! Careful planning will lead to a better Vacation experience!

  Downloadable/Printable Long Term Travel Preparation Check List:

Download (PDF, 4.71MB)

Please comment below and let us know your tips and tricks on travel planning! Featured Image Courtesy of DigitalArt   Best Travel Prep List    

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