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Incredible Pizza St. Louis Missouri







Post by Nicci G.


America’s Incredible Pizza Company was the perfect start to our Thanksgiving holiday. Initially I was overwhelmed by the food & game packages to choose from. However, I was quickly assisted by staff to make a choice that fit our budget and provided my family with hours of food and fun. Our admission price included the buffet for the 3 of us, $20 for games, and 8 attractions. The pre-loaded cards were very convenient.  Any points my boys accumulated playing games were stored on the cards for later redemption.  (So no worries about losing any paper tickets). The games catered to a variety of skill levels and many cost less than $1. Our game cards lasted quite some time and my boys were completely satisfied with the amount of games that they had played. In addition to the games, they each got to choose 4 additional activities or “attractions”. They opted for laser tag, mini golf, mini bowling and bumper cars. (Go karts and a 3-D movie were also an option).  Typically we would do one or two of these activities for a family outing, and it would cost just as much (or more) than we spent at The Incredible Pizza Company St. Louis.  We have visited similar places and I feel like I am constantly reaching in my pocket to pay for something. Usually that results in spending more than I wanted to, and my kids begging and pleading for “just one more.”  With the game cards that was eliminated. Each time my boys swiped their card to play a game they could see the balance left on the card. When the balance reached zero they were ready to redeem their points for a prize.


Best Nachos St. LouisMy Family doesn’t always agree on what to eat but with the buffet it was so easy to relax and have fun. Similar pizza and play venues require you to order off of a menu which can get expensive.  At The Incredible Pizza Company St. Louis we each got to choose what we wanted off the Buffet and the kids loved it.
TIP: The Incredible Pizza Company offers food allergy friendly options.  Please let the staff know of specific allergy issues on arrival.

The buffet was enormous and had soup, salad, pasta, pizza, nachos & desserts.  There were

Best Buffet St. Louis


several options that everyone was happy with. Sometimes it’s challenging to round everyone up and get them to the table when it’s time to eat and having food available whenever we wanted was very convenient.  Instead of ordering a meal at a specific time, we were able to stop and snack a few times during our visit.  No crabby kids who were beyond hungry, no need to stop playing because the food was ready. Snacks and treats were available all day long.  The slushy machine was a big hit! The serving size was about 1/4 cup, which I loved.  I had no problem letting my boys sample slushies a few times throughout the day. They felt like they were indulging and I didn’t feel like they were overdoing it.

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Movie Theater Dining Room

Between the games, attractions, and the free activities including a play area and movie theater themed dining room, my family was busy and having fun all day. Staff were friendly and helpful. The food was fresh and the place was clean and welcoming. We can’t wait to go back!


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**Disclaimer – As a Mom’s Connect Member we received a gift card from America’s Incredible Pizza Company during our visit.  All opinions are solely our own.  This post contains affiliate links.


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