Long term vacation preparation check list

Preparing for a Long Term Vacation – FREE Printable Checklist

Long term vacation preparation check list

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How to Prepare for a Long Term Vacation

After the excitement of planning our first long term vacation wore off, the realization that we would need to perform “double” of our “adult duties” prior to leaving set in. We have never been gone for more than 14 days. Prior vacation planning consisted of paying a few extra bills, and worrying about any other issues when we got back. After doing a little internet research, and contacting our insurance company and utilities, we learned a few important tips when planning to leave on an extended vacation.  

  • If you are going to be gone longer than 30 days many auto insurance companies will allow you to put your car in “storage.”  If your car will remain parked in your garage, or possibly in a covered parking garage, the company will note this and decrease your monthly bill accordingly. We saved almost $200 off our car insurance by notifying the insurance company of non-use during the time we will be gone.
  • On the flip side, some home insurance carriers will decrease your theft/damage coverage if no one will be “living” in your house for longer than 30 days. Make sure to check your property insurance coverage and make appropriate arrangements for a friend or professional house sitter to watch your home if necessary for insurance purposes.
  • Call your credit card company and inform them of your travel plans to ensure your card will not be blocked for “unusual activity.” This is also a good time to verify car rental or travel insurance that may be included with your card. Some credit cards will not insure car rentals longer than 15 days.  Renting a new car after 15 days (signing a new contract), or switching to a different credit card that includes insurance after 15 days is a possible way around this issue. Verify all options with your Credit Card company.
  • Contact your health insurance carrier and verify coverage at your destination(s). Some health insurance plans provide lower coverage world wide and some have no coverage outside of their home area. It is important to know your coverage ahead of time and purchase supplemental travel insurance if necessary. Especially if you are traveling with children.  Many travel medical insurance plans include trip insurance and will insure children for no additional cost (with the purchase of an adult plan). Check your plan details for pre-existing condition coverage waivers and ensure your planned travel activities are covered. 

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The United States Postal Service will hold mail for up to 30 days and deliver it to your house on a specified date. If longer than 30 days, they will bundle and ship mail to a pre-arranged location on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Preparing for a long term vacation is a little more stressful than we had imagined. But hopefully, our research and hard work will pay off to ensure a care free travel experience!

Long Term Travel Preparation

Don’t let this be YOU! Careful planning will lead to a better Vacation experience!

  Downloadable/Printable Long Term Travel Preparation Check List:

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Please comment below and let us know your tips and tricks on travel planning! Featured Image Courtesy of DigitalArt   Best Travel Prep List    

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VersaVia Luxury Rear Seat Cover

VersaLiving Luxury Rear Car Seat Cover Review

VersaVia Luxury Rear Seat Cover

I was excited when we were asked to review the VersaLiving Luxury Rear Car Seat Cover. The first thing I noticed upon receiving the item was the nice packaging that includes a thank you note with contact information should the consumer have any trouble. (A gold star, in my book, before we even got it out of the package!)


VersaLiving Contact Information

In the past we purchased an expensive seat cover to haul around our three large dogs and it just didn’t work. The material was nice, but it slid around and never stayed in place. I remember looking in the rear view mirror to see the bottom cover bunched up and the dogs laying directly on the seat. In addition, the seat belt holes never really matched the buckles in our seats. It was always a struggle for someone to use the seat belt with the cover in place. So much for my expensive seat protection! Because of this experience we didn’t get car seat covers when we purchased our new van.

Would the VersaLiving Luxury Car Seat Cover live up to our high expectations?

We began to take the item out of the package and immediately noticed two things that were different from our last car seat cover experience:

  • The seat part of the cover is lined with a non slip liner (similar to a shelf liner).
  • There is a PVC pipe (seat anchor) on each side of the cover that slips between the crease of the bench seat to prevent the cover from pulling away from seat.


As my husband began to install the cover we could not find the instructions. I ran inside to email the company and received the instructions within about 2-3 minutes. By the time I got back to the car with the instructions, he had already installed the cover. Installation is super easy. If you have an issue, missing instructions, or any other concerns the company provides excellent customer service.  *Both the installation and washing instructions are on the back of the “Thank You” post card included in the package.

  • Two ties go behind the head rest on either side.
  • Carefully push the PVC pipes between the upper and lower seat on either side.
  • Straighten and smooth out the material.



The car seat cover looks very nice once installed. The material is thick and has a quilted design. As an added bonus, there is a strong velcro seam that can be opened or closed at any point in the crease of the seat to pull through your seat belt fasteners. This cover will accommodate seat belt buckles no matter where they are located.


Velcro Lining for Seat Belt Adapters

Velcro Seam for Seat Belt Adapters

We have not yet washed our seat cover but the company suggests cleaning and maintaining the cover as follows: ” We recommend wiping with a damp cloth or vacuuming to clean the cover.  They can be machine washed however, they have a waterproof coating on them that helps to repel stains which wears off quicker if the cover is machine washed.”

Overall we recommend the VersaLiving car seat cover by VersaVie. The bench seat cover exceeded our expectations.  The only thing we might change would be a loop in the middle for those who have a middle headrest on their bench seat. This, however, would not affect most car models.   We also truly appreciate a company who stands behind their product and has good customer service. For the quality this product is well priced at $79.99 and includes a 100% satisfaction gaurantee.  We will be using our VersaLiving Luxury Car Seat cover on our next road trip.



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COMIC CON Fun Family Day Trip


Recently we decided to take a day trip to Comic Con, an annual pop culture fan convention hosted in various cities throughout the US. Being our first time, we had no idea what to expect and more importantly if it would be kid friendly. I learned a few things immediately as we walked through the door:

  • There are tons of families with small children at the festival.
  • It is more fun if you dress up. (The more authentic the better!)
  • Be prepared to take pictures and have your picture taken the entire day.
Comic Con Fun Family Experience

Entering Comic Con!

It was fun to watch my kids eyes light up and get so excited when they saw their favorite characters. My older son and I both dressed as “Harry Potter” characters and my youngest went as his favorite Ghostbuster, Peter Venkman.   He was super excited when he saw the Society of Ghostbusters booth with all kinds of movie props and paraphernalia.

Ghostbusters Comic Con

We met friends there and spent much of the day looking at all the booths and taking pictures with other attendees. We must have gotten our picture taken 100 times.

Comic Con fun for families

Another Picture with a Ghostbuster!

The Zombie isle was the least favorite isle for our 5 year old, but Mommy’s favorite as a walking dead fan. The makeup and costumes these people wore were very realistic.


Zombies at Comic Con Scary Zombie Comic Con Comic Con Zombie Pictures






Several companies even offered FREE green screen pictures for attendees. They add your favorite background onto your picture and send it right to your email. What great advertising! We had fun posing at several of these booths.

Kids at Comic Con


Throughout the day they have free breakout sessions where you can go and listen to your favorite actors and writers. They discuss their recent projects and answer questions from the audience. We were tired and needed to sit down so we went to the Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Jason Mewes (clerks) session. After walking all day it felt good to sit in the auditorium seats. However, we quickly found out the sessions are probably not appropriate for young children as the actors don’t hold back and let the bad words fly. From an adult standpoint, the question and answer sessions the actors give, along with their interactions with the audience are fun and interesting. However, the statement from my youngest, “this is boring” proves the sessions are better suited for the adult crowd.

Michael Rooker St Louis Comic Con


Overall, we had a blast. They do offer additional paid events like photo ops with your favorite actors and meet & greets, but we opted not to partake at this time. We had plenty of fun taking pictures, people watching, and browsing through the booths at the festival.

A few last parting tips:

  • Two Children under 10 are FREE with each paid adult.
  • There are tons of FREE giveaways and picture ops at vendor booths.
  • Pace yourself. There is no need to rush. Take advantage of the breaks to rest and get a bite to eat.
  • In the weeks and months leading up to your favorite Comic Con location/date, start looking for coupons and advance purchase specials online to save $$ on your tickets.
  • You will see almost every Pop Culture character you can think of!

A few of our favorite characters of the day:



Microsoft Surface 3 Giveaway

Microsoft Surface 3 Giveaway

We are so excited about our new giveaway opportunities from Mom’s Affiliate.  Check out this Microsoft Surface 3 – wouldn’t you love to win this tablet?  Enter the contest today by clicking the link below and share this contest with your friends.  Good luck!

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Microsoft – Surface 3 – 10.8″ – Intel Atom – 64GB
With the integrated Kickstand, the ability to run desktop software and touch apps, and a full-size USB port, Surface 3 is a perfect mix of innovation and practicality. As thin and light as it is, you’ll be amazed at all you can achieve with this device.

Product Features

10.8″ ClearType Full HD Plus Display – Makes navigation simple and presents media in rich detail.
Windows 8.1 – Allows you to stay connected and productive.
64GB storage capacity – Offers room for pictures, videos, music and more.
Quad-core processor – Intel® Atom™ processor with 1.6GHz processor speed, up to 2.4GHz Burst speed and 2GB RAM for efficient performance.
Wi-Fi – Allows you to connect to the Web while within range of an available wireless network.
Bluetooth interface – Lets you wirelessly link with compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices.
8.0MP rear-facing and 3.5MP front-facing cameras – Enable you to capture important moments to share with your loved ones.
USB 3.0 port – Makes it easy to connect peripheral devices.
Integrated kickstand – Allows you to prop up the tablet for a clear view of displayed content.
Magnesium body – Creates a lightweight, yet durable, design.




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