Packing for Daddy’s first “boys” trip!

Daddy recently took the kids on a daddy/son mini vacation.  One Dad, two kids – carry on bags only… hmmm…. what to pack for a trip to the beach?We decided on one carry on roll behind suitcase, the kids roll…

Travel Gadgets – BRICA Roll n Go™ Car Seat Transporter

A few years ago we were struggling with our luggage and car seats at the airport.  It was one of those nightmare vacation moments.  Two kids, three suitcases, a stroller, and two car seats.  We spotted a woman, traveling alone with two…

Traveling abroad with children and food allergies

Traveling abroad with children and food allergies

Our son has a SEVERE egg allergy.  That includes anything with eggs or egg products, cookies, pastries, most breaded foods, some breads, and even some candy.   We have to read labels very carefully. We often find foods he is allergic…

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