10 Things to Do in Wollongong Australia

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10 Things to Do in Wollongong Australia

*Guest Post*

Anita from A Pal’s Corner shares with us her 10 Favorite Things to do in her hometown of Wollongong, New South Wales Australia

10 Things to do in Wollongong AustraliaWollongong is a simple 1 ½ hour drive south of Sydney. It is perfect for a day trip or weekend getaway. Wollongong is an amazing place to come visit. We have all the beaches and scenery that the South Coast and Sydney has without the tourists.

  1. Ride the bike track. Jump on at any point from Thirroul to Win Entertainment Centre and enjoy the views. Keep in mind that hiring a bike down in Wollongong is not an easy thing to find. Novotel Northbeach has the share bikes or check out South Coast Bike Hire. If you don’t like riding take a walk along the track it is just as good.
  2. Enjoy a swim between the red and yellow flags at one of the beaches you pass.
  3. Have fish and chips under the light house. Go to Belmore Basin and buy your fish and chips from Levendi or Nonabel Fish and Chips near the Harbourfront, then go sit on the grass and enjoy your surroundings (just watch out for the seagulls).
  4. A walk in the Botanic Gardens. If you have some old bread you can bring it with you and feed the ducks.
  5. Check out the peacefulness of the Nan Tien Temple, Berkeley. The Nan Tien Nan Tien Temple AustraliaTemple has been around since 1965. It is a nice peaceful place just off the freeway. The Nan Tien Temple is free to enter and walk around, they do ask for donations at most of the doors to the shrines. Now if you go to the Temple make sure you walk up the little track to the gong and hit it while taking in the views of the southern end of Wollongong.
  6. How about the Science Centre? We have an awesome Science Centre in Fairy Meadow for the kids to check out. You can even detour to this on your bike ride. The Science Centre & Planetarium is closed through February 2016 but reopens in March 2016. It is opened 10am to 4pm every day with special events happening all the time.
  7. Enjoy some pizza at one of our many pizzerias. My favourite is Gambino, Corrimal.
  8. If there is one thing you must do it is drive from Woonona to Bald hill (or Bald Hill to Woonona) on the coast road. If you are lucky you will see Hang Gliders leaving from Bald Hill. At Bald Hill you get to take in the amazing views of the multi-million dollar northern suburbs of Wollongong.
  9. Walk along the Sea Cliff Bridge. Park your car just before the bridge or after the bridge (where you can find parking) and go for a walk. Enjoy the see air, the rocks, the ocean the views. It is amazing.
  10. Enjoy gelato at Gelato Emporium just before you come down Bulli Pass. Not only is it the best gelato it is also the cheapest. It is $5 for one scoop and the scoop is gigantic.


Anita is a part time traveler and travel blogger. She enjoys exploring the world and her hometown. A Pal has been traveling with her family forever and has just started solo traveling.  Pictures and content provided by Anita from A Pal’s Corner.

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