10 Best Things to do in The Twin Cities

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Guest blogger Jenn Singer of Day Tripper, (and Minnesota Native), tells us her Top 10 Best Things to do in The Twin Cities.

10 Best Things to do in The Twin Cities


10 Best Things to do in the Twin Cities1. Target Field

Target field is my favorite sports venue in the cities. This was the way baseball was meant to be seen. My husband and I get excited every year just for the food alone. My favorite foods are in Hrbek’s Pub located downstairs behind home plate. It’s a great value, exceptional product and food served fresh.


2. Science Museum of MinnesotaScience Museum St. Paul MN

Every kids favorite school field trip location was the Science Museum. And as a grown up it’s even better. With hands-on activities for every age group, Omni screen and always changing displays; it’s worth every penny.




The Minneapolis Institute of Art3. Minneapolis Institute of Arts

The Twin Cities has a great collection of different museums to check out. Most of them are free too. I loved the MIA for a couple reasons. They have a bit of everything, from different cultures, to pop art from the 60’s. Their collection of period pieces and rooms is phenomenal. It transforms you into another world. The rooms on the 4th floor are haunted too.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

White dog from the Pop Art and Neo-Pop Wing


4. Mall of America
Mall of America Twin Cities Carousel

Mall of America Carousel

No list of the Twin Cities could not be complete with the Mall of America. With over 530 stores, you are bound to find something you like. The mall becomes a favorite of many out of town visitors because we don’t charge sales tax on clothing. That guarantees you a 7-8% off on all clothing purchases. On a cold or rainy day, you’ll be bumping into a lot of people. My recommendation is to visit during the week or on a nice day. That way you can jump on to all the rides at Nickelodeon Universe without waiting.


Sealife Aquarium in the Mall of America5. Sealife Aquarium

Also in the Mall of America is Sealife aquarium. It’s perfect for getting up close and personal with aquatic life. They have touch pools for kids to explore and an amazing stingray exhibit. Besides petting the rays, you can also feed them. There are 4 different underwater tunnels with different ocean life to explore. Tip: Purchase tickets online before you go for an extra discount.

Sealife Aquarium Minneapolis MN

Stingray Exhibit


6. Minnesota Zoo, Apple ValleyMN Zoo Farm

With a few zoos to choose from, the Minnesota Zoo has always been my favorite. They have over 2.5 miles of trails with all kinds of different animals. The zoo staff is always on hand to answer any question you may have about the animals. My favorite season to visit is always fall, just because the leaves are changing. They also put out seasonal treats for the animals. It’s always an adventure. If you can, go right when the zoo opens. The animals are the most active then.

Minnesota Zoo Moose

Moose at the MN Zoo


Lake Harriet's Enchanted Elf Door - 10 Best Things to do in the Twin Cities

Enchanted Elf Door – Lake Harriet

7. Lake Harriet

Minnesota’s is known for their amazing trails and lakes. My favorite is Lake Harriet in Uptown. They have a band shell that plays music during the summer months. There are separate paths for bikers and walkers. Parking is found all around the lake for free. If you have younger kids, stop to see Mr. Little Guy. His home is located between the bike path and the walking path just past South Oliver Avenue. At the base of the tree, kids leave little notes for him and he always responds.

8. Lake Minnetonka Steam Boat

Lake Minnetonka is one the biggest in the Twin Cities. If you don’t want to rent a party boat or go on a cruise, check out the Steamboat Minnehaha. It’s an hour long tour of Lake Minnetonka on the historic Minnehaha Steamboat. This boat was used in the early 1900’s as a ferry. This is a great way to view the lakes and kids especially like it because they can see the interworking’s and get the opportunity to drive.


9. Main Street in StillwaterStillwater Bridge

Everything in Stillwater moves a little slower. Located right off the Mississippi, this town is perfect for a taking a stroll though. When downtown, check out some great antique stores and riverfront restaurants. They also offer different trolley tours of the city. It’s worth it because they’ll take you past some of the amazing homes. Just outside of town, they have three wineries and an apple orchard.


Minnesota's Largest Candy Store10. The Largest Candy Store in Minnesota

In Jordan Minnesota, just 30 mins south of the Twin Cities, you’ll find Minnesota’s Largest candy store. This place is amazing. You will find all the candies you loved as a kid and so much more. They also boast bacon flavored everything, 100s of different pops, Pez, licorices and more puzzles you could ever image. Make sure you grab cash before you leave because they don’t take plastic. We always make sure to stop a couple times during the year, because they are only open during the summer months.

Special thanks to guest blogger Jenn Singer for showing us her top 10 Best things to do in The Twin Cities.  Next week we will be featuring another Minnesota blogger who gives us some pretty convincing reasons Minnesota is perfect for visiting during every season of the year!


JGuest Blogger Fun Family Vacationsenn Singer is a travel writer for DayTripper28.com, a Minnesota Travel blog that explores different Minnesota destinations. She doesn’t believe that a Vacation should require you to use up your precious Vacation time from work. As a Minnesota native, her passion for exploring has led her to try all kinds of new things. As someone that takes 30+ Day Trips a year, she is always up for an adventure.

*All content and pictures provided by our guest blogger.

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